The cake [Lemon Raspberry Surprise] was super. - Eugen P.
I wish I knew about these sooner, I could have used them [cake pops] for my daughter's birthday party...Wow! They look beautiful, what are they called?...They look too good to eat...Whoever made these is so talented...It tastes so good...Way more filling than I thought.  - Annette B.'s colleagues
Thank you STS Cakes for this amazing Ninja Turtle cake!!!  Vanessa P.
If you love Red Velvet cake as much as I do, you will definitely love Susan’s Tremendously Scrumptious Red Velvet cake. The cake is moist, delicious and velvety while the cream cheese based icing is silky, smooth and light.  A match made in heaven that simply melts in your mouth. - Jennifer R.
Thank you so much it's beautiful - Sheron S.
Thank you so much for the cake! It was soo beautiful and very very yummy!!! I just wanted to let you know that the cake was absolutely perfect. You do amazing work. We will definitely contact you for our future orders.  I will definitely recommend you and will contact you back in future - Prachi P. 
OMG The cake [Chocolate Fudge] was DELISH😍 Really intense and not too sweet!!! Thank you so much Susan! - Veronica L. 
OH MY GOD! It [Chocolate Espresso Cake] tastes so good...  - Sarah R.
omg you made these delicious treats [Cake Pops]..yipeee . - Wendy B.
Susan's cakes are extremely delicious. The coconut creation has become a favourite for our get-togethers...Easter we were treated to an amazing vanilla bunny tiered cake that we did not even want to cut into because of how beautifully it was decorated. - Sherel H. 
OMG! best Expresso cake I ever had. Thank you so much Susan from Susan's Truly Scrumptious Cakes...Honest to goodness amazing. - Patricia Z.
Thank you so much Susan Hunte for the most amazing Thunder Cheer Birthday Cake. The girls absolutely loved it. You Rock!  - Patti Z.
The cake is the bomb diggggs! thank you!- Melody D.
 The cake [red velvet] was a big hit! - Lisa D.
What an amazing Cake Pop...Just wanted to share with your clients how wonderful and delicious the red velvet cake pops were...could have devoured more than 1 but got to watch the girlish figure. - Karyn Y.
Thank you so much for the cake. very delicious. thanks!!!!!  - Priscille M.
It's [Mindcraft cake] beautiful - Althea M.
It was delicious! The peanut butter part in the middle was amazing, definitely a keeper. - Chantal T.
Within 10 minutes of putting the Red Velvet cake on my workplace's 'goody table',  it was gone and the only thing left were a constant stream of complements..   - Karen S.
Thanks @sts_cakes for this yummy pistachio and Nutella cake! It was thoroughly enjoyed by our family this weekend! - Alyssa M.
One of my colleagues brought in Susan’s cake pops as a small Christmas treat, and all I can say is WOOOOOW were they ever delicious! Moist and not too sweet, the chocolate coating on the outside was perfect. Starbucks cake pops have some serious competition. - Mary Jo R.
I do have a sweet tooth indeed and it is very pleasing to satisfy it with such tasty cakes and pastries. Keep it up!!!. - Jerome EDC..
Thank Black Cake cakes pops were a huge hit. Jacquie H.
The cake was absolutely stunning.  💜..the cheerleader on top! - Lori R.
Thank you so much Susan. Everyone loved the cake pops. - Manpreet D.
Thank you soo much for the cake. It was perfect and much better than what i asked for. All our guests loved it the flavour and the look both. Thank you for all your hard work you put into this cake. It tasted delicious..  - Prachi P. & Divyesh S. 
Your cake [Chocolate Peppermint] was delicious and the birthday girl loooooooved it. - Solange M.
...Ur cake pops are amazing. - Suzie E..
The cake pops are ridiculous...They are so dense...They are so good...They are so big...OMG, I'm going to use her  - Annette B.'s colleagues
Susan made this amazing cake for my annual New Year party! Her chocolate expesso cake was a big hit! - Tracey S.
Tastes better than the birthday cake I bought at Highland...Next time I'll get you to  make my birthday cake." - Thinusha P.
Thanks so much @sts_cakes for this awesome delicious birthday cake!! Nutella.. my favorite!!  - Tanya P.
Thank you Susan Hunte for the amazingly beautiful cake pops all the way from Canada!  They arrived in Boston, Ma, USA in perfect condition!...So moist and tasty..absolutely yummy! Congrats Sue! You're officially an international entrepreneur - Bernice O. [coconut cake] was so moist and the filling was delicious. - Tanya P.
Just had your cake pop...mmm mmm delicious!! You're gonna make me get so big...   - Annette B.
Tell Susan that the cakes [cake pops] were amazing and delicious...  - Manpreet D.
The Confetti Cake not only looked pretty but tasted amazing! It was a light, fluffy cake and I loved the sprinkles. The cakes at STS are beautiful and tasty, which always leaves you wanting a second slice. - Vanessa  P.
Susan has provided our family with exquisite cakes and delicious pies for many of my family's celebrations. She provided cakes for Birthday Parties, Christmas Celebrations, Thanksgiving Dinners and Anniversaries. The quality, taste and presentation of her cakes has always been exceptional, even when filling our last minute orders...we would recommend her to anyone who needs and enjoys a superb cake. You will not be disappointed.  - Philip R.
Your scrumptious coconut cake was loved by everyone! Not a piece left. - Annette B.
OMG! I can't believe how imaginative those carkes are. The Coco Chanel cake, hamburger and fries. Wow! - Sharon
Had a piece [Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cake] it was delicious, your friend is very talented, will definitely order one for my next birthday, not sharing will have it all by myself !!! . - Laura, Annette's co-worker
Susan's coconut birthday cake was a great gift. You just can't have a small piece and my diet went out the window after the first bite. - Ian W.
I can't thank you enough for the absolutely beautiful AND delicious cake [wine bottle cake]. It was a huge hit and I had many people asking where I got it!
 MMMMMMM it's so delicious!," "Those cakepops were by far the best ones we have ever tasted," and "the cake pops are ridiculous! - Annette B.'s coworkers
MMMMMMM it's so delicious [Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cake]! Pls pass this on to your friend who is so talented! What a beautiful talent and gift she is using. - Annette B.'s coworker.
Trust me when I say...STS Cakes...THE BEST CAKES IN THE GTA!! Order already people! Susan doesn't disappoint!! - Sharon PD comes through again. - Pamela M.
Thank you so much for the cake it was really amazing. Each and everyone enjoyed it. - Aisha D.
Susan's cakes are amazing and absolutely delicious. I've tried her coconut and red velvet cakes and words cannot describe how good they tasted. They were moist and meticulously decorated. I would highly recommend a cake from Susan for any occasion.  - Tanya P.
It was the hit of the night!! I think I told everyone at work on Monday; along with pics. The cake was wonderful, moist, and great to look at. Thanks again and we will definitely be in touch. - Sasha C.
Decided to try Susan's Chocolate Raspberry Roll cake and can not stress how tasty and delicious it was. I will definitely be getting my cakes from Susan going forward!  - Uzair K.
The cake pops were a hit!! They were the first to be gone on the sweet table and people were asking for more...Very moist. - Pearline W.

Susan's Truly Scrumptious Cakes

SUSAN, THANK YOU SOO MUCH for the incredible cake and fantastic cake pops [Mutant Ninja Turtles theme]! You did such an AMAZING job on them - they were a HUGE hit and "truly scrumptious" 😉 - Dr. Kale
The [wedding] cake was amazing. Both Joey and Mariah loved it and we received so many great complements. Thank you so much. - Carm M.
Thanks again Susan..All the girls loved the cake and cake pops - Hector G.
Those cakepops were by far the best ones we have ever tasted. My son was like 'you can't have any more mommy and daddy these are too good for you'" - Annette B.'s coworker.
.thanks again for the amazing cake...The girls wanted more cake pops, I had to limit the sugar, truth is I secretly saved myself one, before all was gone. - Patti Z.
Delicious, Nice and light!...Mmmmmmmmmm so refreshing!...Oh wow, fantastic!...Light, fluffy and delicious...The lemon and raspberry is so the flavor. - Blair & Jason C and family
Everyone loved the cake Susan.  ​- Thalles E.


I had the pleasure of trying the coconut cake at STS and it was truly delicious. It was moist and full of flavour, I can’t wait to try it again!  - Vanessa P.
It was incredible.  The cake was moist.  Was that a peanut butter cream cheese mousse kind of thing in the middle?  Fantastic.  I've never had anything like it.  I could eat a bowl of just that.  - Samantha K.

"Cake is the answer...who cares what the question is?"

Your cake [Reese Peanut Butter Cup Cake] was a HUGE success!!! It was incredibly delicious - WOW!!!...Thank you once again Susan!!!
YOU ROCK!!! -  Dr. Kale